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Bedroom Paint Colors to Improve Your Sleep

Last updated 4 years ago

It may seem counterintuitive to think that the color of your bedroom walls could affect the quality of your sleep. After all, your eyes are closed, so you do not see the paint when you fall asleep. However, there are cells in your eyes and brain that influence your sleep, wakefulness, and 24-hour rhythms, and they are impacted by the colors you perceive as you lay in bed. There is now evidence that certain colors improve the quality and length of your sleep, and certain colors have the opposite effect.

Blue, Yellow, Green
If you find that you typically have a hard time falling asleep, consider painting your bedroom walls with a lighter color, like blue, yellow, or green. Blue tends to facilitate the longest duration of sleep, typically offering almost eight full hours. The natural feel that the color blue instills has a relaxing effect, and lying in a bed surrounded by blue walls may reduce both your heart rate and blood pressure. Not only does this promote longer and deeper sleep, but people also tend to wake up in better moods. Green and yellow bedroom walls can also help to bring about these effects.

Grey, Brown, Purple
If you think that a new paintjob in your bedroom could help you sleep better at night, there are also colors that you should avoid. While purple seems to be the worst color to see while falling asleep, grey and brown are also not ideal. The color purple is very stimulating, and this can have a negative impact on your internal rhythms. Too much stimulation may lead to uncomfortable sleep, nightmares, or trouble staying asleep. A purple room can trim your nightly rest by almost two hours. Grey and brown are not necessarily over stimulating, but they are bland and can also prevent you from sleeping well.

Want to know more about how the color of your bedroom is affecting your sleep? Contact Browder Painting in San Luis Obispo. We specialize in commercial and residential painting services, including both interior and exterior painting. Visit our website or call us at (805) 544-0547 to learn more, or stop by and see us today.


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